Wednesday, June 8, 2011


What to do when you're on vacation?

I love taking photos of anything that captures my attention. 
Here I framed one of my sunset shots taken from a recent surf trip up north!!

Not only is it cheap, but personalized too.
Just being creative!


  1. I do the same thing too :) frame my own pictures, by the way, saw your link from zen's site, and clicked it because of your blog's caption "surfing is a virus, once you're hooked, it stays in your system forever..." I am hooked with the waves and love being one with it :)

  2. i really clicked on the photo to get a larger view of the sunset photo...crazy about sunsets too hehehe, and love taking photos of anything too! hehe, meet Betchai, one of my super friends:-) she practically thought and inspired me into photography...teka humaba na buhok mo bro? hehe, love this, so creatively shot and written...

  3. typo error above...taught not thought ano ba yan wehehehe,

  4. @betchai: thank you for visiting my blog, it's a photo blog which the image speaks for itself :P haha, I'm glad we share the same love for the waves, keep checkin' my blog. Many thanks.:)

  5. DocZEn again, thanks a lot. You always give positive comments on my photos. I hope mabisita naman kita diyan sa hospital. Anyway, keep on shooting doc kasi ang gaganda ng mga kuha mo eh. start you're blog na din and i'm sure number 1 ako mag follow.:)